The Spiral of the Work that Re-Connects begins with strengthening ourselves with Gratitude for the gifts of beauty and nourishment we receive from the world.  It continues with Honoring Our Pain, or experiencing Compassion, for the plight of the world and the suffering that is presently occurring due to shortsighted practices in relating to the world.  Relating this painful reality helps us to acknowledge out connection to the world, so that we can See with New Eyes that we are not separate from the world.  In fact, it restores our connection, so that we see our passions and desires call us to Go Forth and share our gifts and skills for the benefit of the whole world.

Integrative Arts Festival: Explore Deep Ecology: July 7 – July 12!

“In this time [when all beings are in danger] the kingdom of Shambhala will emerge.  The Shambhala Warrior has two weapons: compassion and insight into the deep interconnectedness of all things. The smallest act with clear intention has repercussions throughout the whole web, beyond your capacity to see . . . We need to show … Continue 

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Doug McCanne

How to keep on helping

Last Sunday, on the drive back to Portland from Eugene, where we were teaching a Shambhala class on the basic goodness of society subtitled “How Can I Help?”, Doug McCanne and I discussed a project he’s been involved with for the past two years that seeks to teach mindfulness practices to prison correctional staff around Oregon.  I … Continue 

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Reflections on the Ziji Collective Global Leadership Summit

It’s been almost two months since I got back from a week of programs in the Bay Area. One of the programs I attended some of you all were at, the Being Brave weekend with the Sakyong and Ani Pema. But prior to that, I attended another three day program with a few fellow young … Continue 

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Ruth_Hampton_Yarne Rainbow

An Update from Gampo Abbey and Request to help Ruth Hampton return to Portland

Ruth Hampton writes us from Gampo Abbey: Hello Portland Shambhalians! What an amazing year plus this has been at Gampo Abbey! Finally it is beginning to warm up, and our garden is growing. It’s a long winter here in Nova Scotia…snow in May! The practice and environment here lends itself to a certain level of … Continue 

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dale head shot

Learning to accept people’s care for me has been both a hard and a good thing

Already I can’t do as much as I want, or at least I should not. Usually this is about driving, though it can also be about changing light hard-to-reach light bulbs or staying out too late. When I do something I shouldn’t anyway, generally out of some sort of anger, I usually regret it, though … Continue 

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Maralena Murphy

Welcome to our new Bookkeeper: Maralena Murphy!

The Bookkeeper Hiring Team—Lisa Stanley, Alice Price, and Abbey Pleviak – interviewed three bright candidates and, with Governing Council approval, have offered the position to Maralena Murphy. Maralena has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Reed College and over ten years of accounting experience. Her first nonprofit accounting began with City Repair Project, a volunteer-run … Continue 

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ip 036megan

Hi you have Parkinson’s Disease!

The first thing I notice is how strange it all feels. I would say, calmly, “I need to plan for becoming more disabled over time.” But I didn’t know much about what that was going to mean. Remember when you used to be able to play the guitar pretty well? Time went by, you quit … Continue 

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Introducing occasional contributions by Dale Bennett

Dale Bennett is a Shambhala member who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2010. I asked him to contribute some occasional thoughts about his feelings and experience, in the belief that building an enlightened society requires us to talk about the hard parts of life as well as the easy parts, and the parts where … Continue 

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Reflections about Aging in Shambhala

COLUMN: Aging in Enlightened Society by Ann Cason NB: “reprinted” from the Shambhala Times. Cyrus Crane was a community member, an early student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He was already 69 years old when he started practicing meditation. Back in the late 1970’s, after an early Shambhala Training retreat, he asked, “Well, how am I … Continue 

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Spring Arts and Summer Plans

Dear Sangha I hope this finds everyone well as we navigate our bi-polar Portland Spring!  One thing that supports my sense of balance in a chaotic external environment is to nurture my creative practices of writing and movement.  This has certainly been useful this past month as we celebrated the Equinox with our own 2014 … Continue 

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