Surprised to be aging and appreciating meditation

Ann Cason, who has has been bringing people together to talk about aging for many years, invited people for a potluck and discussion hosted by Dr Jenny Sasser in Ann’s backyard on August 30.  The only problem was that it looked like it was going to rain and Dr. Sasser couldn’t make it because of … Continue 

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August Council Meeting Summary and Meeting Notes

The PSMC Governing Council met on Thursday, August 14th, 2014- the meeting notes, where you can find more details about what was discussed at our meeting, are accessible here: Public Agenda and Meeting Notes- Council Meeting 8_14_14  Here is a short summary of the meeting: Our semi-retired Finance Director, Alice Price, who is continuing to hold … Continue 

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timothy-lake-2014-photo 1

Family camp-out at Timothy Lake

One of the things I appreciate about the Shambhala spiritual path is the Drala principle, the teaching that there is no separation between human beings and the natural environment in which we are all situated. We relate to rocks, trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, the sky, the stars, indeed all of nature, as partners with us on … Continue 

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Dale-Bennett-Morrison Bridge 3

Parkinson’s Disease Leads to Photography

In the fall of 2011 I took a vacation to southern Spain.  The architecture was spectacular and I took several hundred photos. I used a little digital snapshot camera which I had used successfully on earlier trips, but to my dismay I found that well over half of the pictures I took were unusable due … Continue 

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Amy Aycrigg and her rose and cairn Ikebana perform a poem about time.

Reflections on the 2014 Integrative Arts Festival

Last month’s Life.Art.Being. Integrative Arts Festival: restoring intimacy with our world, was full of deep learning.  Here are my reflections from the time I spent at the Festival. This year’s festival had four workshops: Active Hope, Deep Play, Authentic Movement, and Waking Up to the World and three pop-out events: a Panel Discussion called Earth … Continue 

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Timebank coordinators reporting

Brian Landever sent along this report: Cheerful day, Portland Shambhalians. Our Timebank has finally taken its first steps in launching. “Timebanking” is a way to exchange services with one another at no cost, trading services among our greater Shambhala community while strengthening our ties. There are now 18 members, 10 services being offered, and 3 … Continue 

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Queer Dharma Approaches First Weekend Retreat – Reflections by Co-Coordinator Jason Bray

As co-coordinator of the Portland Shambhala Center’s Queer Dharma group, I’m reflecting on the beginning and intention of the the program as our first weekend retreat, led by Craig Smith, fast approaches. Our Queer Dharma group is for LGBTQ people to study and practice meditation and Dharma and to discuss personal experiences. The group serves … Continue 

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July Council Meeting Summary and Meeting Notes

The PSMC Governing Council met on Thursday, July 10th, 2014- the meeting notes, where you can find more details about what was discussed at our meeting, are accessible here: July 10th Council Meeting Notes Here is a short summary of the meeting: Doug McCanne, who leads our long running Prison Dharma program, came to talk to … Continue 

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The Spiral of the Work that Re-Connects begins with strengthening ourselves with Gratitude for the gifts of beauty and nourishment we receive from the world.  It continues with Honoring Our Pain, or experiencing Compassion, for the plight of the world and the suffering that is presently occurring due to shortsighted practices in relating to the world.  Relating this painful reality helps us to acknowledge out connection to the world, so that we can See with New Eyes that we are not separate from the world.  In fact, it restores our connection, so that we see our passions and desires call us to Go Forth and share our gifts and skills for the benefit of the whole world.

Integrative Arts Festival: Explore Deep Ecology: July 7 – July 12!

“In this time [when all beings are in danger] the kingdom of Shambhala will emerge.  The Shambhala Warrior has two weapons: compassion and insight into the deep interconnectedness of all things. The smallest act with clear intention has repercussions throughout the whole web, beyond your capacity to see . . . We need to show … Continue 

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Doug McCanne

How to keep on helping

Last Sunday, on the drive back to Portland from Eugene, where we were teaching a Shambhala class on the basic goodness of society subtitled “How Can I Help?”, Doug McCanne and I discussed a project he’s been involved with for the past two years that seeks to teach mindfulness practices to prison correctional staff around Oregon.  I … Continue 

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