The Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland is part of the global community of Shambhala. Our purpose is to contribute to a society informed by meditation  — with a culture of kindness and care, embracing the inherent goodness of every person. Our programs, groups, and community gatherings offer a way to train in spiritual warriorship, and study and practice these teachings from the Shambhala Buddhist tradition in everyday life. Please join us in this journey!

Portland Shambhala News

  • Let’s talk about reconciliation

    Dear Portland Sangha, Can we talk? I have had several fruitful conversations with various members in the past 10 days. It’s difficult to talk about sexual misconduct and the Sakyong, but I am heartened at the depth of listening and communication from the heart that I have experienced in just a handful of individual meetings. … Continue 

  • Relo Team Report to Community

    Relocation Team Report to Community December 14, 2019 History: The Relocation Team formed in Dec. 2016 to explore purchasing a new Center. We considered several options including the Carnegie Building as well as the property on Glisan. Then the dual impact of the Buddhist Sunshine reports and subsequent investigations plus the sticker shock of purchasing … Continue 

  • Theory U 2x project: Discerning obstacles and raising lungta

    A small group of us have applied to be part of the Presencing Institute’s Spring 2020 2x program.  Here is what we said in our application (which had to be compressed into a ONE MINUTE VIDEO!): Title: Discerning obstacles and raising lungta in the Portland Shambhala community As a community we have not reached our … Continue 

  • From Ego to Liberation

    Ego is a bossy, sultry trickster, constantly corraling us into small mind, hawking the cosmetics of status, recognition, and reward. Self-doubt makes us easy marks, no matter how often we have proven worthy. How many times must we check the mirror, jockey for a compliment, command the last word? And do it all as if … Continue 

  • Margins are good news

    This video conversation with Juan Carlos la Puente, a friend of many of us in the Shambhala community,  has been working in the arenas of human rights and spiritual awakening for many years, discusses the margins in our own experience, in our own thinking, and in our own being, as well as the margins in … Continue