3rd Annual Meditation Marathon Seeks Meditators

Meditation MarathonThe 3rd Annual Meditation Marathon, a fundraiser for the Portland Shambhala Center, will be happening on Saturday November 2nd – Sunday November 3rd.

The Meditation Marathon works a lot like other “a-thons”: participants set a personal goal for how long they’d like to try to sit (up to 24 hours!), then reach out to their community, family, friends and co-workers for pledges to support their sit. After the marathon, participants reach back to their sponsors to collect the pledges.

Getting sponsors is actually much easier than it sounds, as the conversations themselves revolve around one of our favorite interests:  meditation. In the past 2 years, small numbers of somewhat introverted community members (and even smaller numbers of extroverts) raised on average almost $400 per person.

The Marathon itself is a retreat, fairly similar to the Nyinthuns we’ve been holding over the past year, except even longer. Participants in the past 2 years appreciated the opportunity to test their limits and found the whole experience deeply rewarding, both from a community and a practice standpoint.  It’s actually a lot of fun.

See the Meditation Marathon program page for more information about the Marathon and to register. Once you register, use Meditation Marathon pledge form to record your pledges.

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