Anemone Fresh moving to Portland from Karme Choling

This message just in from a new member of our community!

Anemone (on the right) digging the richness of the phenomenal world at Karme Cholling

My name is Anemone and I am very excited to be relocating from Barnet, Vermont to Portland, Oregon this December.  I will be attending the National College of Natural Medicine to commence my studies in Naturopathic and Chinese medicine in January 2014.

I was first introduced to Shambhala in Philadelphia in 2007 and have been living in Vermont since 2009. when I came to work at Karme Choling.  It was my good fortune to live in community and work in the Karme Choling garden for over four years.  I consider the Shambhala community to be extended family and although I will be very consumed as a full-time student, I very much intend to engage with and support the Shambhala community in Portland.

I recently started the search for housing and would love find a way to connect with and live with fellow sangha members.  I’m looking for a place that is walkable or commutable to my college in SW Portland and has a space where I can grow food, herbs and flowers (I am a gardener after all).  I would love to live in a community-minded household; I love to cook and share meals and housework and have fun!  I’d love to connect with people whether potential housemates or not.  I’ll be landing in Portland around December 10 and I welcome contact via email at anefresh (at)  Looking forward to meeting you all!

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