Welcome to our new Bookkeeper: Maralena Murphy!

Maralena MurphyThe Bookkeeper Hiring Team—Lisa Stanley, Alice Price, and Abbey Pleviak – interviewed three bright candidates and, with Governing Council approval, have offered the position to Maralena Murphy.

Maralena has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Reed College and over ten years of accounting experience. Her first nonprofit accounting began with City Repair Project, a volunteer-run organization committed to creating community-oriented, ecologically sustainable society. She’s also maintained books for S.O.I.L. and the TLC Farm, and currently for Mother Earth School and Solar Oregon.

Maralena is proficient in all areas of skill and responsibility we sought. Additionally, she has worked with organizations to develop financial systems and policies and to streamline and improve their efficiency. She values creating cultures of financial accountability by creating and refining structural systems.

In addition to her ample experience in the chaotic environments of volunteer-run, nonprofit organizations, Maralena is motivated by her heart’s alignment with worthy endeavors and organizations. The Portland Shambhala Meditation Center interests her because our mission of helping people and societies develop their innate goodness resonates with her aspirations. Maralena’s demonstrated passion and engagement with the world are in harmony with our community’s values and mission, making her well-suited for our organization and this position. We are delighted to welcome Maralena to the Portland Shambhala Community as our very first paid Bookkeeper!

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