Relo Update

Thanks to all who participated in our first property viewing at 8805 NE Glisan! About 30 people visited (either in person or online) and gave feedback via the survey our Relocation Team sent out a few weeks ago. Here are some of the highlights….

  • 20 people attended an open house and walked through the building
  • 16 people found the facility to be “feasible” if financial details worked out, two did not, nine expressed ambivalence about feasibility
  • The main benefits included the cost, the size and natural light in the main shrine room, and the “feel” of the neighborhood
  • The main drawbacks included deferred maintenance needs, accessibility for those with physical limitations, and the distance from where members mostly live

We are continuing to gather information about this space. If the team chooses to make an initial offer, it will be for the purpose of allowing us to do additional research into the financial cost of the deferred maintenance. The team currently has no recommendations either for or against the space at this time, however your feedback has given us some good information to consider as we move forward.

If you are interested in submitting ideas for the team to consider, here is a general description of what we are currently looking for:

  • Location generally within inner SE/NE Portland (between I-205 and the Willamette river, north of SE Powell and south of NE Fremont)
  • Multiple transportation options – close to transit, bike routes, parking either available onsite or adequate street parking
  • Space needs to have a large, easily accessible gathering area that can function as a shrine room/practice hall (or that can be remodeled to create one)
  • Other helpful qualities include outdoor access, kitchen facilities, additional flex spaces, zoning for commercial/community/church use rather than (solely) residential use

As always, if you are interested in participating on our team, please contact Mark Douglass. In the meantime, keep an eye out for details about our upcoming capital campaign kickoff in a few weeks!


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