Relocation update: Reaching out to three local Lutheran churches

Relocation News:
One of our strategies for securing a home for our practice has been to look at Sharing space with an existing community–church, yoga center, other community oriented non-profit.  Mark Douglass has reached out to local Lutheran churches to inquire about options for sharing/renting space on an ongoing basis.  Here’s his report:
  • Leaven Community (NE 20th and Killingsworth) – Can rent the chapel, community hall, or sanctuary for one-time events. No regular/ongoing events.
  • Augustana Lutheran Church (NE 15th and Knott) – Full up on community partners, spaces are at 100% capacity so no outside rentals.
  • Central Lutheran Church (NE 20th and Schuyler) – No current building manager, not sure when they’ll get a new one. Space rentals closed to new users until further notice.
If you’d like to learn more about our center’s possible relocation, please join us for a Sept. 8 Community Conversation, or our Oct. 10 Town Hall Meeting.

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