Have you heard about the Center relocation discussions?

On Sunday Sept. 8 about 20 of us engaged in a lively exploration of the options open to our Center either for renewing our lease or leasing another space. Our lease for $3,000/month ends on Jan. 31, 2020. We have new landlords and are in discussions with them about a new, affordable lease. Affordability is critical due to reduced membership and program income.

The flip charts, photos, proposed floor plans, and notes below have the details. We looked at four options—remaining at Carnegie or leasing one of three properties currently available and roughly within our price range. There were lots of good questions and comments.

Now the Relo Team invites your questions, concerns, comments. Please contact either Mark Douglass (mark.do[email protected]) or Jay Stewart ([email protected]).

Jay – facilitating conversation on relocation as Relo Team coordinator  – gave a brief overview:

Relo team is here to answer questions. Council members are here as ‘mere human beings.’

Relo team: Doug, Mark Douglass, Jay, Jack B., Bettina, Nancy, and Happy.

As is our tradition, no decisions were made during the “community conversation”.

Background: the Relo Team was formed two years ago to look at buying a building. With upheaval last summer, gave up idea of purchasing. Found out current building was sold last July. Met with new owner this summer and will try to renegotiate lease (to begin 5 months from now). Current lease is $3,000/mo., being paid for by fewer members, with less program income overall. Lease is ~$16/sq. ft. (avg. in this area: $25-28/sq. ft. Market rate for this space ~$5k/mo.)

  • Engaged a leasing agent. Exploring opportunities with other spiritual communities, but no success so far.
  • Exploring less expensive areas. Looked at 5 spaces with leasing agent; only 3 would work. Today will review 4 options: 1) renewing lease + 3 new spaces.
  • Flip chart record the pluses/minuses and questions that the Relo team came up with plus additions from the discussion.
  • Prices given today are rough estimates. Final agreements need to be made with property owners.

Option 1: Professional Plaza. Cost estimate: $3,000-3,200/mo.

Schematic drawing of a reconfigured space at 102nd & Burnside










Option 2: 9017 SE Division (in Jade district). Cost estimate: $3,500 – 3,600/mo. + utilities










Option 3: 4538 NE Sandy Blvd. (2,020 sq. ft.) – Cost estimate: $3,910/mo. 









Option 4: staying in current location (Carnegie Bldg.).

Note: If we can’t find another place to move, we may have to have a temporary center, such as meeting in people’s homes or in a place where we set up set up and take down each time.

Relo team doesn’t make decisions; provides info to Council, regular members.

Can we go visit these places on our own? Only if we were looking to do a purchase, not for leasing.  Bettina’s possible plans for each of the locations are a guide; we can also drive by to see the places from outside as they are all empty.  That will give the flavor of the neighborhood.

Moving costs, energy needed to move aren’t included in cost breakdown estimated by Relo team.

Adjourned to book room to look at photos.

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