Moving as an opportunity for community

You may have heard: we’re moving.  Moving house is always chaotic, but moving a community is an opportunity for community-sized chaos!

First you have to unpack everything, sort it, figure out what to keep, what to discard.  It’s a massive undertaking.

BUT a big move is a huge opportunity for collaboration and connection. Out of chaos, order can emerge.


Our library is further along the path of orderliness than the office.

Portland Shambhala is far into the process and so far it has been an overwhelmingly positive process.  People collaborating!  Helping each other!  Listening!  All the virtues that make for a sane community just seem to manifest spontaneously!

Portland Shambhala has had more than its share of conflicts and difficulties in the recent past but this move is demonstrating the aspiration, the commitment and the accomplishment of good community qualities that we can count on to survive and thrive.

We can do it.  May it benefit sentient beings.

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