Three-Fold Logic of Sangha

Jack Bodner came across a scanned, un-signed document titled “Three-Fold Logic of Deleks”.  He shared it and I thought it could easily be retitled “The Three-Fold Logic of Sangha”.  Here it is:


  • In order to realize our precious human birth
  • It is necessary to share the buddhadharma.
  • In order to share the buddhadharma, it is necessary to make friends with each other


  • When we are friends with each other, we are aware of others’ needs.
  • When we are aware of others’ needs, everyday life is not limited to personal concerns.
  • When our life is not limited to personal concerns, we consider others as part of our family.


  • When others are part of our family, we are dedicated to their benefit.
  • When we are dedicated to the benefit of others, we protect their well-being.
  • When we protect the well-being of others, this previous human birth becomes continuous delight.


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