The New Shambhala Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity & Anti-Discrimination

On July 12, 2020, the Shambhala Board of Directors approved the Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity & Anti-Discrimination. This policy became effective on Shambhala Day, 2021 and will be reviewed on Shambhala Day, 2022.

The policy states: “Each individual has the right to practice, study and work in Shambhala in an environment that is free from discrimination rooted in bias” and discrimination is considered misconduct. 

The policy defines discrimination as the prejudicial treatment of an individual or group compared to another on the basis of actual or perceived gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, country of origin, nationality, citizenship status, native language, size, physical, mental or perceptual abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or level of practice. Shambhala encourages anyone who experiences or witnesses discrimination to use one of the options outlined in the document ‘What to do if you have a concern in Shambhala’.

I want to mention the policy also describes a Path of Inclusivity: Every human society has inherited conscious and unconscious patterns of discrimination against certain groups of people, generally based on fear, ignorance or greed. As a community, Shambhala must address culturally embedded positions of power and privilege, and bring awareness to their associated forms of discrimination, so that all people may participate according to their inspiration and ability. The social dynamics of dominant groups can negatively impact people whose social identities are underrepresented in Shambhala and/or marginalized in society.

However, the policy has two exemptions:

(1) In some circumstances, Shambhala reserves the right to not admit or to ask a person to leave a program or event, or not register for or enter a program or event for reasons of reasonable prerequisites, participant safety or program disruption.

(2) Additionally, where selection is made for a position, Shambhala reserves the right to reasonably apply criteria which may include physical or mental ability, languages spoken, background check, etc, based on the requirements of the position.

This is just a brief introduction to one of Shambhala’s new Code of Conduct Policies. If you would like to see the entire Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity & Anti-Discrimination, click here

If you would like to see the entire The Shambhala Code Of Conduct, click here.

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