Administrative Coordinator Job Description

We are now accepting applications for the position of Administrative Coordinator for the Portland Shambhala Center! This key position supports a variety of essential needs for the center and community.

We are seeking applicants with skills in office and administrative support, communications and publicity using print and electronic formats as well as social media, and experience working with the public, especially volunteers and members.

Applicants who enjoy working with people, have excellent communication skills, the ability to manage multiple projects and track details, and who are familiar with the Shambhala community and practice(s) are strongly encouraged to apply.

If interested please review the full job description. To apply, email your application by 7/2/18. It should include a cover letter which shares your interest, relevant skills, and experience with Shambhala programs, practices, and community, and a current copy of your resume to:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Administrative Coordinator Job Description

Non-Exempt Hourly Position

22 paid hrs/wk; Tue – Fri, 1:00 – 7:00 pm (each day includes an 0.5 hour unpaid dinner break); occasional weekend hours may be required

$15.00 per hour

Supervisor: Center Director


  • Unlimited program credit at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland; available after three months of continuous employment
  • Paid time off accrues monthly and is offered at up to one week (24 hours) during the first 12 months of consecutive employment, increasing to two weeks (48 hours) per year of paid time off thereafter;  paid time accrues monthly. Paid time off does not roll over from year to year, and cannot exceed the yearly amounts above. Unpaid time off may be considered for special circumstances such as emergencies with approval of supervisor for a limited time period.
  • Up to one week of paid sick time is offered per each year of continuous employment. Sick time does not accrue or rollover.
  • Attendance at and support for Nyida Day celebrations that fall on a typical work day will be paid at regular hourly wage. Federal holidays are not offered as paid time off;
  • Access to the Shambhala employee benefit for partial program tuition/housing for attendance at Shambhala-sponsored programs at Shambhala land centers (e.g. Warrior Assembly, ESA etc.) per current benefit offered by Shambhala International. Check with Shambhala International and/or the land centers for current status of this benefit and any requirements.


Areas of Responsibility

    • Administrative Coordinator: Interfaces with the public, and representatives of other organizations, often as the first contact, as well as with participants and members of the Shambhala community by providing information, support and resources; general office duties and oversight; provides direct support to the Center Director, and to the areas of Finance, Communications, Operations, Practice & Education, Societal Health & WellBeing, and Kasung departments as appropriate.
    • Registration: Holds the overall Center programs registration system including maintaining the registration area of the Shambhala Database (SDB) and serving as support for registration volunteers (program staff).
    • Publicity: Oversight and generation of  quality print and electronic publicity (format and content), including fliers, Mailchimp emails, electronic newsletter; responsible for oversight and generating ongoing content/posts on social media, Facebook, blogs, bulletin boards; Center web page editing, updating of content and graphics
    • Volunteer/Membership Support:  Provide ongoing support of the Center’s volunteer and membership needs including recruiting for general needs, providing administrative support including communications/publicity, and acting as the liaison for events and activities related to these areas.


Administrative Coordinator
General Tasks List


  • Maintain all file systems, paper and electronic
  • Oversee organization and upkeep of office environment
  • Monitor office supplies inventory, and ordering or purchasing as needed



  • Respond to, update and generate voicemail, email, written, electronic  and posted communications in general with the public and community; and in support of programs, events etc., working with Communications Team volunteers, or others as needed
  • Maintain office hours and be available for phone calls, emails, and meetings by appointment or drop-in with visitors and community members
  • Ensure confidentiality of all communications as needed or required
  • Hold, with other key parties,  Master passwords and access to key areas of communications
  • Oversight of bulletin boards, content and posting of publicity
  • Maintain publicity schedule and create content to promote classes and events via the website (in coordination with webmaster), social media (Facebook, Meetup, NWDA, Shambhala Network), Mailchimp, paper fliers, postcards, etc.
  • Updates to timekeeper announcement sheet



  • Notify appropriate parties as needed re: communications from the landlord or others about the building, including repairs or building emergencies, and general upkeep/cleaning needs
  • Monitor bottled water supply and ensure sufficient supply for upcoming events



  • Maintain a log tracking purchases using Center checks, debit cards, or cash issued to staff or volunteers; ensure timely provision of receipts, and submission of finance forms



  • Accept registrations, update registrant information
  • Process payments made online, in person, or by mail.
  • Update SDB program pages with staff information
  • Create event registration sheet
  • Convert registrants to participants on the program page in the SDB
  • Communicate refund requests to the Finance Director
  • Track and apply Program Credits
  • Track and apply Coordinator Credits
  • Provide support/information to registration volunteers (program staff) as needed
  • Generate Program Reports


Volunteer and Membership Support

  • Recruit volunteers for Center events (e.g. Nyida Days etc);
  • Publicize and update openings for ongoing positions, e.g. hospitality, house cleaning etc. (excluding program staff and Governing Council volunteers) using various formats, print and electronic
  • Maintain  and distribute volunteer and membership forms and informational materials, e.g. membership brochure; in various formats e.g. print, email, newsletter, blog, Facebook, website, bulletin boards, announcements etc
  • Update and maintain accurate Membership information in the SDB
  • Serve as liaison, providing support for annual and ongoing volunteer and membership orientations, events and forums
  • Initiate and maintain contact with new and existing volunteers and members; including initial communication with new members and volunteers, and follow up with members who cancel, and volunteers who resign
  • Provide support to Membership and Volunteer Coordinators and members of their teams to institute and maintain systems and best practices.



Attend ongoing supervisory and planning meetings with the Center Director

Other duties as assigned