Janie with the gift from Portland Shambhala

Farewell (for now) to Janie (as co-director)

Our co-director Janie Perlstein stepped down from her leadership position at Portland Shambhala at the end of June, 2021 to focus on the clinical training phase of her doctorate. We … Continue 

Landing Portland Shambhala

Instead of having a mid-summer’s day party, our Shambhala community met on zoom because the temperature outside was fierce, part of the heatwave affecting the Pacific Northwest.  There were two … Continue 

Meditating (and walking) in the park on Memorial Day weekend

Last Sunday, Shambhalians in Portland gathered for sitting and walking meditation.  It was our first in-person event for many months. It was also our first experiment with a hybrid event … Continue 

What comes next after a year of zooming?

The COVID-19 pandemic made Portland Shambhala do a lot of improvisation on how to do: Zoom Practice and Education team, Council, “operations”, and all the other kinds of meetings that … Continue 

The New Shambhala Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity & Anti-Discrimination

On July 12, 2020, the Shambhala Board of Directors approved the Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity & Anti-Discrimination. This policy became effective on Shambhala Day, 2021 and will be reviewed on … Continue 

2021 – PSMC Year of the Iron Ox I Ching Reading

Farewell to 2020, Year of the Iron Mouse. It was a year characterized by intense global challenges, but through the mouse’s characteristics of cheerfulness, cleverness, and sociability, we found new … Continue 

New Years news

In case you missed the Shambhala Day broadcast, here is a recording of it.  One of the day’s events, before the International Broadcast, was throwing the I Ching for Portland.  … Continue 

Dawn image

Reflections on our retreat: Windhorse for the New Year

I wanted to share some reflections from the Sangha Retreat, “Windhorse for the New Year” with Shastri Janet Bronstein.  Whether you were able to participate or not, there’s plenty to … Continue 

Three-Fold Logic of Sangha

Jack Bodner came across a scanned, un-signed document titled “Three-Fold Logic of Deleks”.  He shared it and I thought it could easily be retitled “The Three-Fold Logic of Sangha”.  Here … Continue 

Gratitude all around

We received this lovely card from Margaret Beilharz recently: It has to be said that the gratitude is mutual.  New faces in our practice events and community gatherings are welcome … Continue