Wachlella Falls Drala Hike

Drala Hikes stalwart Joan Sears snapped these pictures on the trail during the Nov 2 Wachlella Falls Drala Hike. It was a very watery day with rain (heavy at times), some hail, resounding waterfalls, a stream surging with the intensity of autumn water levels and finally tubs filled with mineral rich water at Carson Springs … Continue 

Practicing while incarcerated

This just in from David L. Michael: I have been practicing meditation with the Shambhala group at Oregon State Penitentiary for about five years.  I attend the Tuesday evening services each week and the all day retreats monthly (Shambhala every other month). I have been meditating and studying Buddhism and eastern metaphysics since 1965. The practical … Continue 

Honoring a 21st Century Samurai

As a dozen Shambhalians gathered together in the lobby of the Portland Art Museum to see the Samurai Exhibit last Friday, I got to talking with Robert Archer about his connection with Shibata, Sensei, a Twenty First Century Samurai.  Robert whipped out this photo by Lee Weingrad on his  iPad and started talking about how Shibata taught, … Continue 

Nowhere to Hide By Paul Shippee

The following is an article by Paul Shippee, who will be offering his class, “Nonviolent Communication as a Spiritual Path,” at the Portland Shambhala Center on Nov. 8-10. You can register for the class here on our web site: In the recent book by Pema Chodron titled Living Beautifully…with uncertainty and change (Shambhala 2012) Chapter … Continue 

Putting up Shambhala Posters

You can help spread the word about an upcoming program that you’re enthusiastic about by printing one of our posters yourself and putting it up at a local library, grocery store, hardware store, pet store, bar, community center, or psychology department! (That’s what I thought of one Saturday afternoon; surely you can think of more … Continue 

Fearless Clowns on the Loose!

Great photos of Abbey Pleviak clowning around in a monkey mask in today’s Oregonian article about Portland’s New Cascadia Clown Army brings humor to the front lines of cultural clashes.  A few choice quotes: … While comparisons can be made to other calming physical practices, like yoga and tai chi, [Clarmy member Natalie Whelan] points out … Continue 

Jay Stewart works in a Group Art Show and Benefit

Everyone is invited to the Third Annual Re/Max Equity Group Art Show and Benefit: Sunday November 3rd, from 1 to 5 PM at the Re/Max Equity Group office, 237 N Broadway, Portland.  Please feel free to invite your friends too.  Jay will be there and would love to see you! A four-painting series of her … Continue 

Basic Goodness Doha

Doha: What kind of world are we creating? Students and teachers in the Portland Shambhala Center’s Basic Goodness 2 class answered this question last Monday with a group doha—a spontaneous poem. Here it is: What kind of world are we creating? Luminous, dangerous, connected. Resultant, liberated, full. Whole. A messy creation. A community dance. Awake, … Continue 

Anemone Fresh moving to Portland from Karme Choling

This message just in from a new member of our community! My name is Anemone and I am very excited to be relocating from Barnet, Vermont to Portland, Oregon this December.  I will be attending the National College of Natural Medicine to commence my studies in Naturopathic and Chinese medicine in January 2014. I was … Continue 

Awake to Dirty Socks and Anger

Dirty socks and small talk. Boring, and unavoidable it seems. Yet they won’t leave me alone. I keep coming back to them, and wishing for gold slippers to dance in to some place of ecstasy, like a whirling dervish, and for words weighted with meaning that tell me I understand, that I have arrived. I … Continue