Anemone Fresh moving to Portland from Karme Choling

This message just in from a new member of our community! My name is Anemone and I am very excited to be relocating from Barnet, Vermont to Portland, Oregon this December.  I will be attending the National College of Natural Medicine to commence my studies in Naturopathic and Chinese medicine in January 2014. I was … Continue 

Awake to Dirty Socks and Anger

Dirty socks and small talk. Boring, and unavoidable it seems. Yet they won’t leave me alone. I keep coming back to them, and wishing for gold slippers to dance in to some place of ecstasy, like a whirling dervish, and for words weighted with meaning that tell me I understand, that I have arrived. I … Continue 

Nyima (Ruth Hampton) reaches her fund-raising goal

Hello Dear Friends, I have reached my goal and am going to the Canada Open Retreat with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche!  It feels so good to say that because of YOU this is possible. Thank you for your many contributions and kind words.  I couldn’t have done this without you. Through this process of raising funds … Continue 

Ikebana practice

Ann Emmett passes these thoughts along about her experience of regular Ikebana practice: Ikebana practice for me helps me to slow down, wake up,  appreciate the beauty of the flowers and other plant material I am using, the choice of colors,texture and design.  I can temporarily lose myself in the “ikebana zone” just like I … Continue 

Save the date – Community Camp Out 2014

Happy Barnes and Mark Douglass report that a date has been set for next year’s Shambhala Community Camp Out! WHAT:  Shambhala Community Camp Out 2014 WHEN:  The nights of August 22 and 23, 2014 WHERE:  Pine Point Campground on Timothy Lake WHO:  PDX Shambhalians HOW:  Registration will begin next spring Participants will enjoy expanded teachings:

Thanking the whole Communications team

This group helps the Shambhala Community be visible to itself and to the world.  Visibility is key to making enlightened society possible. Pub team Jason Bray (now promoted to director of Health and Social Wellbeing Melissa Mead (retiring after 5 years of awesome, professional service) Nancy Smith John Smith Now joined by  David Engelbrecht Bill … Continue 

Siouxon Creek Drala Hike reflections

  Four people took part in the hike on Saturday September 14 (Candace, Rick M, Kimberly J, Marjorie). Candace read a poem by David Wagoner (1999)  to start: Lost Stand still. The trees ahead and bushes beside you Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here, And you must treat it as a powerful stranger, Must ask permission … Continue 

3rd Annual Meditation Marathon Seeks Meditators

The 3rd Annual Meditation Marathon, a fundraiser for the Portland Shambhala Center, will be happening on Saturday November 2nd – Sunday November 3rd. The Meditation Marathon works a lot like other “a-thons”: participants set a personal goal for how long they’d like to try to sit (up to 24 hours!), then reach out to their … Continue 

Nonviolent Communication

Paul Shippee, a long-time student of Chogyam Trungpa who has also trained intensely with Nonviolent Communication founder Marshall Rosenberg, will be at the Portland Shambhala Center on Nov. 8-10 to teach his class, Nonviolent Communication as a Spiritual Path.  He has written an article on this practice as a community building tool.  In it, he … Continue 

Harvest of Peace Highlights

Ikebana arrangements were everywhere, even in the men’s room. It was a great turn-out! Lisa Stanley gave a talk about generosity and practicality — and how we balance them in a sane way.   Babies got hugged and passed around and there was a lot of talk about twins.