Power to Love

by Michaela McCormick The revelation of our Sakyong’s abuse of women has shaken and cracked the foundation of our beloved community, and rightly so. We are left to assess the contradiction between his pronouncements of kindness and compassion and his repeated disregard of his students’ worthiness of those innate qualities. By exacting such violence on … Continue 

Bringing Basic Goodness to the Border

As a Shambhala community, we are watching with a sense of horror and despair as the government of the United States implements its policy of separating children from their parents at the Mexican border. As an international Buddhist community, Shambhala condemns this inhumane and brutal policy. We also recognize and condemn violence toward refugees in … Continue 

Relo Update

Thanks to all who participated in our first property viewing at 8805 NE Glisan! About 30 people visited (either in person or online) and gave feedback via the survey our Relocation Team sent out a few weeks ago. Here are some of the highlights…. 20 people attended an open house and walked through the building 16 … Continue 

Relocation Update

We have been very busy this month researching the property at 8805 NE Glisan, thanks to those of you who have offered feedback on the property. Here’s where we are currently…. We are exploring a relationship with Beneficial State Bank (previously Albina Community Bank) – they are reviewing our financial status and have responded positively … Continue 

The Relocation Team is moving ahead with crucial steps to purchasing a new center for our community!

Some of the action items we’re working on…. 1) Identifying and retaining the services of a Realtor who has experience in commercial properties. 2) Identifying a bank to work with us on a mortgage. We are currently exploring a relationship with Beneficial State Bank (formerly Albina Community Bank, a local financial organization). 3) Working with … Continue 

Relocation Team Update

At our meeting on January 29, the relocation team reached broad agreement to not pursue our current location for purchase. Initially we identified some significant benefits in purchasing the building which include the following: The building is a historic property. Built by the Carnegie foundation as a public library, it comes with special tax exemptions … Continue 

Council Notes September-November 2017

Greetings Sangha Members,   It has been a very busy year for your council.  The following notes show the continuation of efforts being made to: support the relocation of the center, address the ever-pressing issues of balancing budget losses and gains, bolstering: volunteering, program attendance, and membership support, implementing changes to the centers administrative and … Continue 

Give a Gift from our Bookstore this Season!

Did you know you can support the Shambhala Center this holiday season by shopping at our bookstore? We sell dharma books, cards, calendars, incense and more! Did you know you can also support us while doing holiday shopping through Amazon Smile? Learn more here. We’re getting close to reaching the goal for our year-end fundraiser, … Continue 

Queer Pride at Shambhala Los Angeles

Reflections on queer identity and its expression within Shambhala: part three of a three-part series By Eugene Castillo, The main question I wanted to address in this series of articles for the Shambhala Times is: “why?” Why have a meditation group for LGBTQI people? Isn’t that another form of “other-ing?” Haven’t we already been “othered” enough? … Continue 

Celebrating Pride

by Eugene Castillo   Pride, Basic Goodness and Good Society: part two of a three-part series Celebrating our identities as gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans, intersex, questioning, and gender-queer individuals is both an individual process and a communal activity, though it may seem odd at times to the rest of society. Why do men have to … Continue