Aging group

The Portland Aging group, Aging in Enlightened Society, is a social group for those who are experiencing aging – whether it be turning 40 or 70.

IMG_1453The term ‘aging’ implies elders, and while that age group is certainly part of the focus, growing older is happening to each of us every day.  Our purpose is to promote community, connection, and inspiration among people wanting to bring their life experiences onto the path of meditation and mindfulness.

Please contact the Aging Group Coordinator for more information or to be added to the Aging group email list for announcements of time and place for our meetings and other occasional announcements.

This summer we will be meeting bi-weekly to discuss Sallie Tisdale’s Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death and Dying.  Sallie is an author and essayist on an array of topics from food and sex to extraordinary women Buddhist masters and teachers.  She’s also a nurse and a lay teacher at Dharma Rain Zen Center in Portland.  Her book is based on her years of experience nursing the dying and informed by her Zen training and practice.  Her book is reviewed in Tricycle  and the New York Times.
Our first meeting will be Thursday, June 13, 2 to 3:30 at the home of the Aging Group Coordinator.  Please contact him if you plan to attend, and read chapters 1 and 2 before we meet and notice what they bring up for you.  We’ll have a short check-in, a few minutes of meditation, and then an open discussion.  Future meetings will be on
June 27,  Chapters 3 and 4
July 11,  Chapters 5 and 6
July 25,  Chapters 7 and 8
August 8, Chapters 9 and 10
August 22, Chapters 11 and 12