Heart of Recovery

12036452_10206022141565626_226041449597733712_n_optHeart of Recovery is a social support group for anyone in recovery.The world of recovery is very large and our journey is very personal. Recovery is the thing that binds us together. We believe nobody should be denied recovery. We are open to anyone in recovery regardless of their spiritual or secular path, whether they take psychiatric medications or not, or are new or have been in recovery for a long time. We do not advocate for or against any type of recovery. Some of us might be in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, excessive gambling, or compulsive overeating. We might be in mental health recovery. For others, they might be living with a co-occurring disorder (dual diagnosis). Whatever you are in recovery for, you are welcome here. We do not define recovery. Only you can decide if you are in recovery.

Heart of Recovery is currently on hiatus

It has been delightful meeting you and sharing our stories of hope and courage. Please continue to be well and wise in your recovery. You are very welcome during the Spring and Summer to continue your meditation experience, discovery and journey here at Portland Shambhala. Please check our calendar for public sit times and classes.

For questions, please contact: heartofrecovery@portland.shambhala.org

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