Event proposal and publicity request

Program and Event proposal - scheduling and publicity

A complete description of a program or event will help with the process of getting the program on the calendar and generating appropriate publicity. The fields with an asterisk are required. Note that if you are proposing a program, you are responsible for recruiting a program coordinator and program staff.

  • Part 1: You and your event

    Describe the event status and who is involved in proposing or organizing the event. This form collects details for program approval, for setting up an event in the SDB, as well as information for publicity such as a teacher bio.
  • You will receive a copy for your records of the information you provide in this form
  • If this event is co-sponsored or another organization is using Shambhala Center space, please explain registration, staffing and other details in the notes box at the end of this form.
  • Determines where the information you provide in this form goes to next.
  • Provide a link if existing information can be copied or re-used.
  • Part 2: Basic event information

    Provide the basic information needed to schedule the event.
  • If your event is going to be held off-site, please use the "additional notes" box at the end of this form to explain. (The Program Page Description below should also contain this information.)
  • Use the Additional frequency box below to provide more details about multi-date events or when events start at different times on different dates.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • Include special instructions (i.e., lunar calendar, first and third Wednesdays, etc.)
  • Part 3: Program details

    Provide the information needed to create a program page in the SDB.
  • Check all that apply so program page will appear in multiple sub-lists. (Use CNTL-Click to select multiple lines.)
  • or do prerequisites apply?
  • Large, high quality images are preferable and we will crop if necessary. The SDB keeps program images on file for future use, so no need if an existing image or photo will do. If you have additional images you want to submit, send them to pub-team@portland.shambhala.org
    Drop files here or
    • Limited to 1500 characters
    • Open sitting programs, for example, do not require pre-registration
    • Members, patron, and minimum prices will be calculated
    • Note our guidelines for Honoraria and program pricing.
    • Programs that are offered infrequently or have a regional draw are flagged in the SDB.
    • If there is a particular kind of person who would be interested, we may be able to suggest ways of reaching out to them. Can you provide or suggest additional publicity for the event?
    • Part 4: Teacher or presenter

    • If more than one teacher or presenter will be involved or you are uncertain about who will be teaching, you can provide additional names and information in the future. Enter "UNKNOWN" if the teacher has not been determined.
    • Please provide phone, email and mailing addresses
    • Please limit to 600 characters. Note that we keep bios on file, so you need to provide it only if this is the teacher's first time or if there is a change.
    • Large, high quality images are preferable and we will crop if necessary. We keep teacher photos on file for future use, so no need if an existing image or photo will do.
      Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx.
    • The final contract will be negotiated by the Shambhala Center, subject to our policies and procedures.
    • Additional details

    • If applicable, provide estimates of costs and projected revenues.
    • List prerequisites (if any) or anything else that would be helpful in guiding this class or program through our process of approval and production.
    • Once your event is approved and processed it appears on the Center's Calendar and in the Events Spreadsheet.