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We are delighted to welcome you into the Shambhala Community!

To Become a Member:

  1. Please complete the membership form below; we will contact you shortly.
  2. Set up your monthly dues here
  3. Once your dues donation is set up, your membership is fully activated

Recommended Dues Guidelines:

Our giving levels are a guide to help determine the right monthly donation for you. Every level of support is helpful and appreciated!  Some find it helpful to think about the value they put on other items in their life when making this decision. Can you give a latte? A dinner out? A pair of shoes? Is the work of Shambhala as important as a gym membership? What does generosity mean to you?

Bud, (Growth) – $5/mo and up
Like spring, which offers a new beginning, giving at the Bud level inspires our Center’s growth by providing basic upkeep and keeping things fresh.
Leaf, (Adorning) – $30/mo and up
Giving at a Leaf level provides the opportunity for Center enhancement. Leaves help maintain an uplifted environment – providing a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere for us to work with our minds.
Branches, (Outreach) – $80/mo and up
Branches hold leaves. Giving at a Branch level helps Shambhala reach out and make the dharma accessible with community outreach, free events, and offering programs at a discounted rate.
Trunk, (Support) – $200/mo and up
Those who give at a trunk level provide the core of financial stability and support to accomplish the vision and aspirations of Shambhala. Trunks greatly support Center growth, culture and paid employees.
Root, (Stability) – $500/mo and up
Growing into the earth, Roots provide long-term stability for the Portland Shambhala Center by establishing a secure foundation of support to weather any storms. The Roots feed and nourish our organization. They ensure its life and the continued benefit of the teachings and vision of Shambhala in Portland.

Membership Form

Once you complete this form, you will be contacted to complete the process.
  • Meditation experience in Shambhala and elsewhere.
  • Name of your meditation instructor if you already have one.
  • Our Shambhala Center depends on volunteer effort to function. Please let us know if there's an area where you feel you could contribute.
  • We try to offer programs for families and will let you know when family-oriented programs are coming up.

To complete your membership, set up your dues on this secure dues page. (You will need to create a profile there, too.)

Please contact the membership coordinator to let us know if you have any questions.

If you have any further questions about membership, please contact:

  • Bruce Dodds, our Membership Dues Coordinator, directly or with a message using our Contact form
  • Janie Paige, Membership Coordinator, directly or with a message using our Contact form