Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arranging) Fall Series - All Levels

with Lisa Stanley

September 15th—December 15th (2013)

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  • $100.00 General
Room: Main Shrine Room

Price: $100.00 (flowers not included)

The $100.00 cost of the series is based on participants providing their own flowers.  For an additional $40.00 flowers will be provided for the series (recommended for beginners).

Ikebana, the ancient Japanese Way of Arranging Flowers, was introduced by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche to promote the study and practice of ikebana as a contemplative practice. As a form of Dharma Art, ikebana is a genuine expression of the experience of the sacredness of the world arising from non-aggression and profound appreciation. Working with mindfulness practices, we quiet the mind in order to perceive with clarity and express that sacredness - joining "Heaven, Earth and Human". Each class will include short periods of meditation (instruction provided); progressive lessons in ikebana; viewing of class arrangements; Q&A, and we will setup and clean up together. Open to ALL Levels (continuing students will proceed with more advanced lessons).

Lisa Stanley was introduced to ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) as an assistant to Chögyam Trungpa, the founder of Shambhala, during his 1981 "Dharma Art" installation. Since that time she has trained with Sogetsu Ikebana teachers in the United States and Japan, and is a certified Sogetsu teacher. She teaches ikebana as a mindfulness practice, and way to mix heart, mind and flowers.

Ms. Stanley is also a Senior Teacher of the Shambhala Art curriculum, and a Nalanda Miksang (Tibetan "Good Eye") Contemplative Photography teacher.