What is the Shambhala Community For?

with Ben Hines

December 14th (2013)

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  • $55.00 General
Room: Main Shrine Room

For members and friends only

$55.00 includes the Friday night talk and a potluck dinner

What is the Shambhala Community For? What would a Shambhala social movement look like? During this special day for Members and Friends of the Shambhala community we will explore topics from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s latest book, The Shambhala Principle. And together we will engage in practice, good food and conversation as the Sakyong has encouraged us to do. We will explore questions such as, “What does creating enlightened society mean to you, to me, to the Shambhala community with which we are affiliated?” While the Shambhala path has been oriented to the milestones of individual practice and transformation, how do we now understand Shambhala as a “social movement”? How can our path be one of equally deepening within and engaging outwardly while building a “culture of kindness?” The day will consist of meditation, discussion, food, camaraderie as way of deepening and connecting, sharing and engaging in the company of community. To attend the day, you need not have read the entirety of The Shambhala Principle but it will help if you have read some of it.

Senior teacher, Shastri Ben Hines, first encountered Shambhala in 1981 in a series of four talks called “Awakened Heart.” With a lifelong interest in how society works, Ben’s life has been deeply marked by meditation and the Shambhala teachings and by the example of the Sakyongs, each of whom presented the highest possibilities of society as a path for the expression of dignity, nobility and sacred outlook. Ben mixed meditation practice with a career in construction and retired from Habitat for Humanity in 2010. Appointed as Shastri in 2010, he is married, a father of two, with three grandchildren.

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