Neutral Days

February 24th—February 26th

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    We will gather together as a community for the traditional activity of Neutral Day: Cleaning!

    Neutral Day is the day before the Shambhala New Year.  It happens after Dön season, the end of the previous year when it is said that karma and negativity ripen and extra care and attention is vital for the fresh start of the New Year.

    Cleaning before the New Year is a way of attracting positive energy into the environment,  or as we might say in Shambhala, “Drala.” Uplifting our space helps us to start the year with a sense of new beginning, openness, and possibility. 

    This year, our Center celebration is on Mon, Feb 27th.

    On Fri, Feb 24, Sat, Feb 25, and Sun, Febr 26 we have Center-uplifting activities!  

    Doing so as a group adds some extra fun and zeal to the whole experience.  We hope you’ll join us in refreshing and revitalizing our Center this week!  

    As the Sakyong Wangmo says, “cleaning on Neutral Day is a total celebration!”  You can read more about Neutral Day in an article by Amanda Hester:  Confessions from the Office of Culture and Decorum


    Fri, Feb 24, 8am - 9am: Removing Cushion Covers for Laundering
    Sat, Feb 25, 2 - 4pm: Putting Cushion Covers Back On
    Sun, Feb 26, 1- 3pm Neutral Days Projects
                       3-4:30 pm: Shambhala Day Set Up
                       5:00-8:00 pm: Shambhala Day Ikebana Practice

    Center Uplift Projects

    • Bookstore: Dusting and Deep Cleaning
    • Washing Cushion Covers and Curtains
    • VSR offering table -- Paint Touch Ups
    • Library Windows -- Remove extra fixtures
    • Deep Cleaning in Kitchen


    Please let Abbey Pleviak ([email protected]) know when you are available to come in and if you have a preference for which projects you'd like to take part in!  You are very welcome to do as much or as little as you'd like.  We welcome participation at all levels!