Meditation Paddle and/or Drala Hike: Nehalem Bay and Beach

August 3rd—August 4th

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    Room: Off Site
    Please Note: This hike meets on location, NOT at the Shambhala Center.  Please REGISTER for the paddle and/or the hike using this survey so that we can help organize transportation for Saturday and or Sunday and housing for Saturday night.


    Join us Saturday for a Drala paddle in beautiful Nehalem Bay and River, followed by a potluck supper on the beach in Manzanita. Stay overnight in beds, on the floor, on the deck, or in the yard in Manzanita. Get up Sunday for a hike in Nehalem Bay State Park along the bay to the jetty and back up the ocean beach.

    Paddling (easy) and Hiking (moderate difficulty)

    We’ll put in at Wheeler and float up through the tidal marshes past Nehalem into the North Fork on the incoming tide, then back out into the bay on the outgoing. We’ll put in around 1:30 and take out around 5:30 pm. Then we’ll drive over to Manzanita for a potluck picnic on the beach, unless the weather drives us indoors to a house in Manzanita. You are welcome to stay overnight at the house/apartment in Manzanita. The hike on Sunday is about 5 miles, flat, on stony beach, soft sand, and wet sand.

    What to Bring: For the Drala Paddle, bring a kayak or canoe or reserve one a few days in advance at Wheeler Marina 503-368-5780. Bring plenty of water, a lunch for each day, a hat, sunscreen, rain gear, gas money for the driver, a picnic item to share for supper on the beach, and a sleeping bag and a breakfast item to share if you are staying overnight on Saturday. For the hike on Sunday, we recommend closed toe shoes (although you may prefer to take them off for the ocean beach portion). Be prepared for any kind of weather: it can be sunny and hot or windy, wet, and cold in August. 

    Meeting Time:

    Sat August 3rd: 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Sun August 4th: 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

    These times do NOT include the drive to and from the coast.

    Meeting Location: Wheeler Marina on Saturday or the boat ramp in Nehalem Bay State Park on Sunday. (There is a vending machine for day use passes at the turn off for the boat ramp.) 

    Drive Time: The drive to Wheeler or Nehalem Bay State Park is ~2 hours. 

    Hike leaders: Annie Popkin and David Parker

    Drala hikes are open to the public. No dogs, please - For questions about this or other
    things, please contact Liz Howell, Drala Hike Coordinator.

    Photo by David Parker and Annie Popkin

    "By relaxing the mind, you can reconnect with that primordial, original
    ground, which is completely pure and simple. Out of that, through the
    medium of your perceptions, you can discover magic, or drala.” - Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche