Losar Practice Day (Samden Ling)

February 15th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
    Samden Ling is holding a Losar Practice Day to celebrate the Tibetan New Year! Attend morning and/or afternoon sessions.
    Mindfulness Meditation
    9:30am - 12pm
    All levels welcome
    Guided by Jacqueline Mandell
    Longchen Nyingthig Practices
    12:30 - 3pm
    Guided by Jacqueline Mandell
    All levels welcome to Foundational Practices (Ngndro) at 12:30pm followed by Green Tara Tsok to address corona virus.
    Please note: End of the day practice Vajrakilaya restricted to those who received direction from Azom Paylo Rinpoche only, in person or virtual.
    Please bring your own texts if you have them and Tara Tsok.
    Cost: Financial Donations Appreciated
    Meritorious donations during Losar are greatly appreciated. Covers day rental ($150), annual insurance ($450), and Rinpoche storage ($400). For those not attending, losar is a great time to donate (a 501c-3) - www.samdenling.org (on home page, scroll down on right to "donation," please include name and email for receipt).
    Further Informations & Questions contact [email protected]
    PO Box 28062, Portland, OR 97228-8062