Community Conversation: Shambhala Governance

February 24th—May 30th

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    Room: Shambhala Online

    "Shambhala Governance" Conversation Series

    This first conversation in a series initiated by the Shambhala Process Team’s Governance Models Working Group is an open exploration of our community’s experiences, aspirations and questions around governance. For this conversation, the definition of governance is left open, so that we can map together how we understand these issues. These discussions will shape subsequent gatherings that will explore in more detail our history and teachings around governance and ideas about Shambhala governance going forward.

    This and all Shambhala Community Conversations are:

    Inclusive: These conversations are an independent initiative of the Shambhala Process Team. Our goal is to encourage personal and collective reflection, insight, and action across all facets of our community.

    Topical: We will incorporate your ongoing feedback to ensure that conversations best reflect your needs, both locally and mandala-wide.

    Supportive: Volunteer facilitators will provide a container for an open and heartfelt meeting. We ask that you be ready to listen and share respectfully, including with others whose views differ from yours.

    Generative: Our collective reflections and insights will be summarized and shared with the community at large, and with Shambhala’s leadership structures. Conversations will include opportunities for further direct engagement based on the topic.

    These conversations are offered by donation.

    Learn more and register to attend an individual conversation on the Shambhala Online website here or click on date links below: