KSD: Enlightened Society as a Choice with Misha Drlikova

May 4th

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    Room: Online (Portland's Zoom)

    Kitchen Sink Dharma:
    Enlightened Society As A Choice
    A talk by Misha Drlikova

    In this KSD we will explore themes related to the fundamental teaching in Shambhala, Basic Goodness - our innate nature, and how our choices and actions affect society. As life on the planet appears increasingly more challenging, can we as individuals help and even inspire others to not lose heart and not give up on society and instead can we help create a world rooted in principles of wholesomeness and goodness?

    “Meditation is co-dependent, interactive, and interconnected with society. When we sit down on a meditation seat, we are not just one person suspended in time and space, we are the entire society sitting down.” - The Kongma Sakyong II, Jampal Trinley Dradül


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