Ethics in Portland Shambhala: A Code of Conduct Conversation

August 19th

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    Room: Online (Portland's Zoom)

    It’s always a good time to talk about ethics -- as meditators and as Shambhala Buddhists. Now, let’s get together to discuss Shambhala's new Code of Conduct in connection   to our experience here in Portland. The Code of Conduct seeks to express a view of basic goodness in ethical terms: our meeting will explore it on our home ground.

    Some resources to help us prepare: Have a look at the Shambhala Board’s Introduction to the Code of Conduct; read The Code of Conduct itself; look around the Code of Conduct hub.

    Questions to keep in mind: What do you think are the most important points that we need to pay attention to here in Portland? What problems do you see with the code or with its application?

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