KSD: Joining Practice & Study with Abbey Pleviak

August 3rd

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    Room: Online (Portland's Zoom)

    In recent years, meditation practice has been proven again and again to have many benefits for personal well-being. Study can also bring great benefit on the path of a meditation practitioner. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche in his book The Heart of Compassion says:

    Refine your understanding by reflecting, over and over again, on the meaning of the teachings, so that you develop a clear confidence in their absolute meaning. Study and reflection will cut through your more gross misconceptions. But the subtler ones can only be dispelled by meditation, and by integration of the absolute wisdom that arises from it into your very being.

    Reading spiritual teachings can introduce us to ideas that open our minds and hearts. Reflecting on those teachings can ground our understanding of them in our own lived experience. Bringing them into meditation can open us to unexpected insight.

    Have you read Dharma books or quotes that led you to reflection in your daily life? How has your study and exploration of teachings enriched your daily life and your meditation practice?

    In this Kitchen Sink Dharma talk, we’ll talk about bringing meditation and study together, and together we’ll practice joining them through the practice of contemplation.

    Abbey Pleviak is a Shambhala Guide who has been practicing in the Shambhala tradition for nearly 20 years. She's a filmmaker, theater performer, and teacher of clown, who is particularly interested in vintage theater and film.

    About Kitchen Sink Dharma:
    How can our teachings and meditation practice enable us to meet the challenges of everyday life with open minds and hearts? Join us 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 7 to 8:30 pm for:

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