Qigong for Well-Being

Qigong for Well-Being
Exercising mind & body;
finding stillness in movement

with Gardner Murphy

The class teaches a wide variety of physical postures and movements from the vast array of traditional qigong methods.

The goals of this class:

  • to have a good time moving the body;
  • to experience and learn a routine for personal practice;
  • to cultivate awareness and balance in the context of moving body/still mind.

The intention is to present accessible, traditional exercise techniques that can become a daily routine of practice as a moving meditation discipline. No experience with qigong is necessary; everyone is welcome.

Gardner’s experience and history with qigong: I began practice of hatha yoga in high school. I enjoy regular practice of Shambhala yoga; I enjoyed the opportunity to practice Shambhala yoga frequently with one of our local members who trained in it at Naropa University. For about 15 years my primary focus has been the practice of Long Form Yang Style Taijichuan and qigong with several skilled teachers. I have eagerly researched the view, inner meanings and history of Taoist taiji and qigong; I have gathered information from numerous authentic instructional resources in a variety of presentations.

Please make sure to check our monthly calendar in case of changes to the schedule.

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