More Resources

In addition to the resources at our Center and those highlighted elsewhere on our web site, here are meditation resources that we know about.


Practice Supplies, Materials, Gifts and More

  • Karuna Meditation Supplies (Meditation Cushions available locally in Portland. 5% of your purchase is donate to the Portland Shambhala Center!)
  • Shambhala Media (Communicating the vision, teachings, and culture of Shambhala and the Sakyong lineage through publications, recordings, and other media)
  • Nalanda Translation Committee
  • Samadhi Cushions (Meditation Cushions, Shrine Supplies etc)
  • Sharchen Imports (Thangkas, brocades, statues, ritual implements, jewerly etc.)
  • Ziji (Meditation supplies and Asian décor)

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Projects & Activities

  • The Kalapa Capital Center (The Kalapa Capital Centre will serve as the international headquarters for Shambhala and the home of the Halifax Shambhala Centre and will enrich the province of Nova Scotia spiritually, culturally, environmentally and economically.)
  • Shambhala Archives (repository of film, audio and video recordings, photographs, negatives, transparencies, manuscripts, transcripts, books, and artwork by Venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche or relating to him)
  • Chögyam Trungpa Legacy Project (Supplier of practice texts and related publications)
  • International Translation Committee (Translates Shambhala Buddhist dharma into languages other than English)
  • Social Service Network (Synopses of initiatives)
  • Dorje Kasung (Corps that provides protection through awareness)
  • Shambhala Sun Camp (An outdoor sleep-away camp for youth ages 10-16)
  • The Sakyong Foundation (Established by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, provides support to organizations and projects whose activities exemplify the vision of Shambhala)
  • The Shambhala Trust(Independent group of Shambhala community members who provide guidance and funding to projects that support the creation of enlightened society)
  • Kunchok Foundation (Helps meet the spiritual, cultural, educational and humanitarian needs of the Tibetan people in Surmang, the seat of the Trungpa Tulkus, Kham and Golok regions of Tibet)
  • Diversity Resources  (The Diversity page on offers a wealth of resources for addressing diversity issues.  One very active resource, to be added to the page soon, is the Diversity Working Group (DWG).  The DWG works to include people of all social identities in Shambhala and the creation of enlightened society through integrating teachings and trainings on diversity into the Shambhala curriculum)


  • Mukpo Institute (Practice and study of the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions, with Ashe Acharya John Rockwell and others)
  • Naropa University (Founded by Shambhala’s Founder Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, it remains the only accredited, Buddhist-inspired university in North America)
  • Vidyadhara Institute (The monastic college of Shambhala)
  • Karmê Chöling (Offers programs that bring together meditation and numerous secular professions and disciplines)
  • Shambhala School (Independent, non-denominational day school for grades Primary through 12)

Contemplative Arts



  • The Chronicles of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
  • Under 35 Project (A place for young meditators to share what it’s like to try to live mindfully, every day – hosted by Shambhala Publications)
  • Shambhala Sun Space (Destination for stories, comments, links and updates selected by the editors of the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma magazines)

Meditation In Society

  • ALIA Institute (“Authentic Leadership in Action”)
  • Five Wisdoms Institute (Training programs to enhance self-awareness, communication, and effectiveness)
  • Mind Life Institute (Building a scientific understanding of the mind and mindfulness to reduce suffering and promote well-being)

Engaged Buddhism