Theory U 2x project: Discerning obstacles and raising lungta

A small group of us have applied to be part of the Presencing Institute’s Spring 2020 2x program.  Here is what we said in our application (which had to be compressed into a ONE MINUTE VIDEO!): Title: Discerning obstacles and raising lungta in the Portland Shambhala community As a community we have not reached our … Continue 

Margins are good news

This video conversation with Juan Carlos la Puente, a friend of many of us in the Shambhala community,  has been working in the arenas of human rights and spiritual awakening for many years, discusses the margins in our own experience, in our own thinking, and in our own being, as well as the margins in … Continue 

Conversation as a training equivalent to meditation

In this video, Greg Heffron, who’s giving a free public talk about  Relational Meditation: Using Inherent Wakefulness to Unlock Communication on December 3, responds to three questions: What does meditation have to do with communication? What’s the equivalent of meditation training for for communication? How can we use conversations with difficult people (even people we’re … Continue 

Connecting to ourselves through meditation is the foundation of a spiritual life

In this discussion with Ricky Porter, a participant in a recent Shambhala Training weekend, we ask what a  spiritual connection is and how it’s a matter of being human, beyond all of our labels, religious or otherwise.

Gathering leaders from Portland Sanghas

Last week Mark Douglass and Jane Perlstein invited leaders of several Buddhist sanghas in Portland for a pot luck dinner and conversation about care and conduct questions that all of us are facing.  Misconduct and ideas for how to deal with it is a topic that’s on the minds of many people who are responsible … Continue 

Misha Drlilkova reflections on people learning to meditate

It was pretty amazing to see over 30 people show up  on a Saturday Morning at their community center and spend two and a half hours learning about meditation. Misha Drlikova reflects on what it’s like when a group of people come together to learn to meditate.  It’s a great opportunity to witness their learning … Continue 

Reflection on the experience of reconciliation

A long-time Shambhala meditation practitioner, Rayna Jacobson reflects on what it was like to reconcile with a community member after a long period of hurt feelings and misunderstanding.

Panel discussion – how other groups have moved or changed

We had a Panel Discussion to hear about the experience of other communities as they moved and changed.  Our panelists shared very moving and relevant experience.  Here is an audio recording of the  Panel their comments and the discussion that followed.  Thanks to Nancy Smith for capturing the highlights of what the panelists shared about … Continue 

The role of Desung — navigating an emotional world as we seek to help others

In this 7 minute video, Kirsten Mullen, the new Desung for the Portland Shambhala Center talks about navigating an emotional world as we seek to help others.  Awareness is the key.

Some certainty in Shambhala

In this video Janie and I discuss some clarity and certainty that’s emerging in Shambhala.  The recent letter from the Interim Board has useful details about a level of stability in Shambhala that we haven’t had for the past months.  It involves investment in infrastructure and development of care and conduct training for all people … Continue