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The Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland is a nonprofit organization run primarily by volunteers and financially supported by membership dues, donations, and program revenues.

If you would like to help support us, you can donate in person at the center, mail us a check or money order, or donate online.

Donate or pay by PayPal or credit/debit by clicking here.

If you are making a program payment, please be sure to specify what program you are paying for in the “Write a note” field so we know how to categorize your payment.

Donations are a way to express appreciation for what our Center offers—free meditation instruction and practice opportunities, a clearly defined path of practice and study, a range of community activities and more, for the benefit of all—and help make it available to others.

Donate or pay by check:

To make a donation or pay by check, make it payable to “Portland Shambhala Center”, specify the purpose of your donation or payment on the memo line of your check, and mail the check to:

Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland
3439 SE Hawthorne Blvd, #409
Portland, Oregon 97214

Generosity Policy

We invite everyone to engage with the practice of generosity by asking, “How much am I able to give?”  Some times we can be more generous than other times. Sometimes we can stretch and sometimes we cannot. By offering your generosity in whatever measure you can at this time, you join us in offering the Shambhala teachings to the world.

Many of our programs have the option to set your own price by selecting the My Offering payment option. If a program does not have that payment option, we invite you to take advantage of our Generosity Policy. You must contact our program registrar and make arrangements in advance: [email protected] or (503) 278-5816; we cannot arrange Generosity Policy amounts at check-in.

Other ways to support the Portland Shambhala Center:

  • Purchase your dharma books from our Book Store, open during office hours.
  • Volunteer!
  • Join!

Thank you for your support!