Joy in Everyday Life

with Michaela McCormick, Dr. Claudelle Glasgow, Ann Sihler

January 23rd—February 27th

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  • $115.00 General
  • $135.00 Patron
Room: Main Shrine Room

Course 3 of the Everyday Life Series

Open to all

As meditation practice expands and we develop trust in basic goodness, we can begin to discover the confidence and personal energy to go forward on the journey. Joining gentleness with discipline leads to a sense of joy. The mahayana teachings on compassion can become the inspiration for a life of bravery and freedom from doubt.

Contentment in Everyday Life class recommended as preparation but not required


Michaela McCormick has been meditating since 2001 and has been a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 2005. She is the Diversity Coordinator for the Portland (OR) Shambhala Meditation Center, co-coordinator of Queer Dharma, a meditation instructor, a teacher of introductory classes, and a member of the Diversity Working Group of Shambhala International. For 25 years she worked as a teacher, trainer, and practitioner of conflict resolution and public dialogue. For longer than that she has been a community organizer/activist. She has written two memoirs and now writes poetry and essays on social and spiritual themes. 

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