Aging and Care Giving in Enlightened Society: Taking the Situations of our Lives as the Path

September 11th—October 16th (2017)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    For this six week session, we will focus on "Taking the Situations of our Lives as the Path," drawing on chapters 13-16 from Vivid Awareness: The Mind Instructions of Khenpo Gangshar, as relayed by Khenchen Thrangu (Shambhala 2011).  Discussion leaders will offer short talks on the topics of pain and illness as the path, and afflictions and emotional states as the path; this will be followed by group meditation and discussion.  If you would like to participate and are not already on the email list, please contact Stephanie Kaza and she will send materials for upcoming sessions.

    Suggested donation: $5 per meeting. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay.  Commitment to attend most sessions of the six week block helps support group learning.