Community Retreat: Nyinthun Three Yana Practice

December 9th (2018) -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled. Please check the calendar for the date change.

    Join us for this full day silent meditation retreat which brings together practitioners of the hinayana, mahayana and vajrayana practice paths!

    Practitioners of all levels are warmly invited to attend!

    Please register below.

    Join us for this special practice day which brings together practitioners of the hinayana, mahayana and vajrayana practice paths! Nyinthuns, or full day silent meditation retreats, are a rich opportunity to deepen your practice within the support of community. The day includes opening and closing chants together, practice and study sessions, silent lunch and tea breaks, and community clean up and set up.

    NEW Half or full day options

    You may now join us for the morning or afternoon session if unable to attend a full day. Please plan to stay for the full session you are attending.  For this practice drop-ins must arrive at least 20min prior to the morning or afternoon session to be accommodated.

    Hinayana practitioners will practice Shamatha (sitting) and walking meditation, focusing on mindfulness/awareness as taught in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

    Mahayana practitioners may practice the morning liturgy and tonglen, as well as sitting and walking meditation.

    Stroke practitioners, please arrive early to set up your practice.

    Vajrayana - your current practice(s) of choice - Kagyu and/or Shambhla, sadhana practices or ngondro. Vajrayana shrine room available for practices using musical instruments if you note in comments when you register.

    Start and end times:

    8:30 am - 12:15 pm          Morning session Only        (Practice begins 9:00 am sharp)
    1:00 pm – 5:00 pm           Afternoon session Only     (5-5:30 pm group clean up)
    8:30 am – 5:00 pm           Full Day session                (set up and clean up as above)

    12:15- 1:00 pm                Silent Lunch – arrive or depart during lunch if half day.

    Allow time to set up your practice materials/table before the session start time if needed.

    Note: The nyinthun is typically not someone's first experience with meditation. Beginners may prepare for nyinthuns by attending shorter community sittings at our Center, attending our “Learn to Meditate” class, and establishing a regular sitting practice.

    Consider a donation or dana (generosity) offering for this practice opportunity. Suggested donation for non-members is $25 - $50, but all offerings are appreciated. Members are encouraged to offer a coffee/tea donation of $1 - $5. You may donate online when you register or in-person at the retreat.

    In registration comments box, note whether you are attending full day, morning only or afternoon only.