Waking Up Together: A White Anti-Racism Affinity Group

Waking Up Together: A White Anti-Racism Affinity Group
2nd & 4th Saturdays, 3-4:15pm Online – Starts January 23rd!

A group for white-identified people to examine their personal experiences, conditioning and habitual patterns around whiteness and racism. We will come together in a vulnerable and embodied way through meditation, reflection, discussion and compassion practices in order to both liberate ourselves from harmful white conditioning and to be of benefit to all beings.

This is a drop-in group; no registration required to attend.

Schedule includes
Sitting Practice / Meditation (instruction if needed)
Group Sharing and Discussion
Aspirations and Conclusion

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about the group email [email protected].

Please make sure to check our monthly calendar in case of changes to the schedule.

Zoom Meeting ID: 924 2124 8769  |  Passcode: wakingup



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Why is this a White Affinity Group instead of a mixed racial group?

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