Community Update: Director Search Committee

Since the Director Search Committee was appointed in April 2018, we have met frequently as a committee, twice with the Portland Shambhala Center community as a whole, and kept open a public line of e-communication via [email protected]. In June we joined the larger community in shock and distress over allegations of sexual misconduct within the Mandala, including those regarding Shambhala’s lineage holder. This turn of events has profoundly altered our process. With the resultant loss of membership and scheduled programs and the hiatus on fund-raising for relocation necessitating significant rent increases, the Center Director’s responsibilities and opportunities for compensation have also changed. Most of our work had to be revised and our time-line altered. In consultation with the Pillar of Government and our local Council, we are now seeking an Interim Center Director to serve a one year term, with the possibility of renegotiation and extension for an additional year. In September we announced the open position via our newsletter, the Shambhala Network, postings at the Center, and our Facebook page. As of the deadline of October 17th, we have received inquiries from a number of very qualified candidates. Interviews will be conducted over the next month, with candidates submitted to Council by the end of the year. At this point, our Committee’s mandate will have been met. This committee is in no way responsible for the structure of our Center’s governance, leaving opportunities for change up to the community as a whole.

We wish to apologize for any lack of transparency perceived by our community; this update is overdue. We remain open to inquiry via [email protected] or by personal contact with any member of the committee. Our actual deliberations, the candidates involved, and our report to Council are confidential both as a stipulation of our mandate and out of respect for the candidates for the position.

In the continued spirit of Enlightened Society,
Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland
Director Search Committee
Happy Barnes
Ann Cason
Jeff Dewan
Jennifer Green

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