Relocation News Bulletin as of August 24th

Given that our current lease at Carnegie ends at the end of January 2020, five months away, the Relocation Team has been busy exploring our options.

First, some of us had a congenial meeting with the new owners, Craig and Cameron. They intend to make minor improvements to the building including, if possible, an ADA entrance for folks with disabilities. We will be talking with the new owners soon about a new lease to see what our options are for staying.

At present, due to a reduction in our number of members and reduced program revenue, we are further challenged financially. This means increased reliance on the monthly donations (dues) of current members as well as a successful Harvest of Peace/Year End fundraising campaign. This also adds urgency to our exploration of potential new locations that are financially feasible.

Essential $ Background: Our current rent is $3,000 per month, which averages to a bit over $15 per square foot including utilities. The average rent price per square foot in our inner Southeast area is upwards of $25 per square foot not including utilities. This would mean us paying at least $4,915 per month if the owners decide to ask the going rate.

After looking into sharing/subletting space with three churches in the area, none were available to us, so we doubled down on exploring other rentable spaces.

Working with a knowledgeable leasing agent has given us a realistic picture of our options. In our price range, nothing is available in the inner Southeast. The agent did find five properties that met our price limitations, space needs and some of our other criteria—kitchen, two shrine rooms, office space, etc. Of these two would not work at all, leaving three, all smaller than our present location. Some of our team viewed these, and the entire team assessed all three for pros/cons. Each has positive qualities; none is perfect. That said, we will be available to give details and show photos of these three properties plus answer questions at our Sept. 8th Community Conversation.

It is SO IMPORTANT to hear from you about having to find a new home for our practice center. Please come to the Community Conversation on Sept. 8th and also mark your calendars for the Oct. 12th Town Hall meeting from 1 to 4 PM.

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