Silent days in Bellingham

Sherrie Kimball writes: This was my first seven-day silent retreat. I had participated in three nyinthun retreats, but nothing close to seven days of silence. I was both excited and intimidated as I planned my trip to Bellingham, Washington this winter. Seven days of silence is an experience of all there is. The gifts of … Continue 

November Council Meeting Summary and Meeting Notes

Apologies on getting these out later than usual, I was travelling for the holidays and lost track of this item. -Corey The PSMC Governing Council met on Thursday, November 19th, 2015- the meeting notes, where you can find more details about what was discussed at our meeting, are accessible here: Public Agenda and Meeting Notes- Council … Continue 

No mistake: you are invited

A week ago I sent an email message to all members of the Portland Shambhala Center asking them if they would consider taking the position of Practice and Education Director. (I’m on the search committee, and the other two members were out of town.) I included the job description and sent the email using MailChimp, … Continue 

Seeking a new Director of Practice and Education

Our current Director, Michaela McCormick is stepping down on Shambhala Day.  This job description is being circulated through various channels.

Unity, service, recovery: acknowledging 6 months of sobriety

A Buddhist Alcoholic Getting Sober in AA – a spiritual journey

When I returned to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) this year, I was a Buddhist. I took refuge in 2012 and my last AA meeting was in 2009. In 2011, I started drinking again. It took a few years to get back to AA. When I got back, I wanted to take The 12 Steps right away. … Continue 

The January Calendar

Planning our Center schedule for 2016

In the first 5 days of January the Shambhala Center’s schedule has a Learn to Meditate on Saturday morning, a Werma Feast on Saturday night, open community practice with Maitri Bhavana on Sunday morning, Queer Dharma on Sunday afternoon, Meditation in Everyday Life and the Bodhisattva Path Study Group on Monday night, and Meditation Warriors book study Group meets on Tuesday after … Continue 

Holiday Gift Drive 2015

The Portland Shambhala Meditation Center invites the entire community to participate in our gift drive for homeless children.  Your gift will be added to those our children offer as part of Children’s Day and donated to Human Solutions for distribution. We’d like to offer a gift to every child in the Family Winter Shelter.  When … Continue 

My Meditation Practice and Living with Mental Illness: Part 1

There is a mindfulness revolution happening in the world today. Nowadays, mindfulness is part of many therapies. The first time I saw the word was on the title of a psychotherapy workbook for clients. I felt it would change my life. I have been living with mental illness since the fourth grade and addiction since … Continue 

Tea and meditation in Hillsboro

A year ago several Shambhalians from the Hillsboro area got together for tea, conversation, and getting to know each other at the home of Kim McCoy (now Talbot McCoy).  They discussed how they could support each other’s meditation practice and connect more with each other as a community.  The topic of lojong came up in that … Continue 

Accepting small improvements

Last Tuesday night a small group of us gathered in the smaller shrine room to read some of Sakyong Mipham’s Turning the Mind into an Ally together.  The Meditation Warriors book study group meets the first and third Tuesday after the regular open sitting practice.  Reading bits of a book together like that is a great … Continue