Karuna Open House Thursday, June 11th, 6:30-8:30

My name is Anandi and I am a Shambhala community member and I have just opened Portland’s first meditation store!  My inspiration came from teaching programs at the center and realizing that many people did not have a cushion of their own. Once I asked a group of participants if they had a cushion at … Continue 

Back from the snows of Montana, seeking Sangha warmth

After  some travel and spending the winter in Montana, fellow Shambhala member Sherrie Kimball is looking for a  house to share in Portland.  Spending the winter in cold and snowy Montana was the opportunity to be still, bond with her granddaughter, and to see where  to live next.  She reports that she enjoyed her time in Montana, … Continue 

How some people got there

Or, how do people get to programs at a land center?  I hear many people say they can’t see a way to attend week-long or a 10 day program outside of Portland because of family obligations, lack of time off from jobs, lack of tuition money.  They feel that the programs are priced out of reach, they take … Continue 

Kagyu Changchub Chuling seeking an experienced cook

Kagyu Changchub Chuling (KCC) a Vajrayana Buddhist Center, is seeking an experienced cook to be part of a team of stipend volunteers who live and work at its rural retreat center located on 240 wooded acres outside of Goldendale, WA. This is a full-time position which is designed to bring into balance service to others … Continue 

I’m crying all the time…

An interesting symptom of Parkinson’s Disease, which has developed over the past year or so, is that I’m breaking into tears at the slightest emotional provocation. I’ve always felt emotions deeply and cried relatively easily, but the present situation is something altogether different. Telling a sad story to a friend is often difficult; reading a … Continue 

A process for gathering feedback for the director

Our Committee (Corey Adkins, as Chair, David Parker, Jay Stewart, and John Smith) was formed and began working in September 2014 and produced a final report that was submitted to Council at its February 2015 meeting. Portland’s feedback gathering process was the result of a contractual agreement to review the Council and the Director’s “performance, … Continue 

March Council Meeting Summary and Meeting Notes

The PSMC Governing Council met on Thursday, March 19th, 2015- the meeting notes, where you can find more details about what was discussed at our meeting, are accessible here:  Public Agenda and Meeting Notes- 3/19/15 Here is a short summary of the meeting: The Council approved a proposal to create a new Council seat to … Continue 

Conversation about aging with Dr. Jenny Sasser

On Sunday afternoon, January 25, the Portland Shambhala Center Aging group met for its their winter gathering at the home of Annie Popkin and David Parker.  Thirty-nine of us (of widely varying ages) showed up for the talk, discussion, pot luck dinner and social time. Dr. Jenny Sasser, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Human Sciences Director, … Continue 

Spring Nyida Day Celebration— Creative Bouquet

Dear Sangha Well, it is certainly Spring outside!  I wish everyone a cheerful new season as we dodge raindrops and leap through sun puddles.  I am writing to thank all of the artists and volunteers and participants who helped make our 2015 Spring Arts Festival a truly delightful sense display and art happening!  It really … Continue 

Meditations from Antarctica, by Amina Kirby

Greetings Shambhalians! I write this to you all from the bottom of the planet, Antarctica, where I’m currently working as a steward at McMurdo, the largest US base here set up through the National Science Foundation’s US Antarctic Program, to assist and support various science research that is being conducted. Being a steward involves two … Continue