Welcome to Ziji and Audrey!

Dale and Marjorie Hollocher’s twins, brother Ziji and sister Audrey arrived ahead of schedule but are most welcome… The community is getting organized to provide some meals for them in the next month or two.  If you’d like to help get in touch with Willa at willarab at earthlink dot net.

Really There: Sitting the Second Day

Recently I spent a Saturday at the Shambhala Center doing a nyinthun, or one-day meditation retreat. It was a full day of mindfulness: mindful sitting, mindful listening, mindful working and walking, thinking and talking. Yet in spite of all that mindfulness, the busyness of my everyday life clung to me, like smoke on my clothes after … Continue 

Carpet cleaning, a trip to IKEA all pointing to Shambhala Day

Each year, we welcome the Dralas into the Center by doing some deep cleaning and generally spiffing up the Shambhala Center.  Boxes under desks and accumulations of all sorts are brought into the light!  This year, David Engelbrecht is coordinating our Cleaning Days.    Deep Cleaning  the Shambhala Center goes from the tops of the fans and light … Continue 

Preparing for the Shambhala Day Roll Call

Many years ago the Shambhala Day roll call involved all centers calling a phone operator who then called on each center in more or less alphabetical order.  At that point each center could speak into a microphone and be heard by everyone else on the call.  Each center would offer some kind of cheer that … Continue 

Many Flowers Art Thou

MANY FLOWERS ART THOU (For Lisa Stanley on her birthday 12/5/2013 ) by Ann Cason There is a new cat eyed dakini living In my neighborhood. She is a master of flowers And cuttings and snippings and Space. Gliding about with her Japanese clippers, Looking at branches or committees, Inspecting second hand treasures, and ice … Continue 

Neither snow nor ice nor gloom of night deterred drala hike planners

Candace Stoughton, Drala Hike Leader, writes: The drala hike leaders braved the snow and ice Saturday February 8, 2014 to come together to plan the 2014 Drala Meditation Hike schedule for the coming year.  People bussed, carpooled, and crunched through the snow to get to David and Annie’s cozy house for the gathering. Everyone brought … Continue 

Weekthun reflections

“Weekthun” is a Shambhala coinage derived from “Dathun“.  A weekthun lasts a week and a dathun lasts a month. The Portland Shambhala Center has offered a Weekthun several times.  In addition to the effort that meditators put into it, there is a lot of work to re-schedule activities that normally take place at the center … Continue 

Children’s Day

Here are some children’s day photos provided by Lisa.   It was a wonderful day with the King and Queen, and beautiful children. Scotty Douglass was the umdze. Amy Aycrig and Lisa Stanley contributed flowers including the “toy” ikebana installation!  We had 4 Dignity Mask Making (hard to tear the adults away from this!) … … Continue 

Seeking a new Finance Director

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the open position of Finance Director.  Alice Price, our Finance Director for the last three years, is stepping down, leaving everything in excellent condition for her successor.  We have also created the position of assistant to the Finance Director to do various bookkeeping tasks … Continue 

Stafford Time

The Buddhadharma has no monopoly on truth. This weekend Oregonians are celebrating the life and work of poet and pacifist William Stafford. Born on January 17, 100 years ago (on the eve of the War to End All Wars), Stafford exemplified the Shambhala values of gentleness, fearlessness, and wisdom, as an artist, teacher, and person. … Continue