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Did you know you can support the Shambhala Center this holiday season by shopping at our bookstore? We sell dharma books, cards, calendars, incense and more! Did you know you can also support us while doing holiday shopping through Amazon Smile? Learn more here. We’re getting close to reaching the goal for our year-end fundraiser, … Continue 

Queer Pride at Shambhala Los Angeles

Reflections on queer identity and its expression within Shambhala: part three of a three-part series By Eugene Castillo, The main question I wanted to address in this series of articles for the Shambhala Times is: “why?” Why have a meditation group for LGBTQI people? Isn’t that another form of “other-ing?” Haven’t we already been “othered” enough? … Continue 

Celebrating Pride

by Eugene Castillo   Pride, Basic Goodness and Good Society: part two of a three-part series Celebrating our identities as gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans, intersex, questioning, and gender-queer individuals is both an individual process and a communal activity, though it may seem odd at times to the rest of society. Why do men have to … Continue 

Queer Pride Meditation Group – Part 1

by Eugene Castillo “We can use our interconnectedness to cultivate human dignity – the bedrock of all diversity.” (Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, The Shambhala Principle) The first time I walked into our center in Eagle Rock, California, I wasn’t thinking about my queer identity. I was in physical pain and needed formal meditation instruction to cope after two … Continue 

Council Meeting Notes

Hello Sangha, What follows are all the notes from January 2017 to date. Thank you for your patience with the distribution process. These notes would still be tucked away in the corners of Google Drive without the patient help our Communications Coordinator David Engelbrecht. I hope to see you at HoP, Wendy Griffin (Council Secretary) … Continue 

The Lion Roars in May! — hear Dharma Arts talks + see performance this Tue, May 30

by Deborah Kuprunas Greetings! This merry month of May, the Dharma Arts Council of Portland Shambhala explores the teachings of the Second Dignity: Lion(Perky). We have already offered two Dharma Arts Talks on the 3rd  & 4th Tuesdays of this month following our Tues evening meditation session.  If you missed the talks, fear not!  You can hear them … Continue 

The Rough Edges of Basic Goodness

by Michaela McCormick   Our Shambhala Center’s Listening Team, led by Mark Douglass, met recently to review the latest round of its interviews of a wide variety of our past and present members to learn the ways in which they participate in the Center’s activities and what encourages and discourages them to do so.  Our … Continue 

Health Care Professionals Initiative

March 30, 2017 (Re-posted from Shambhala Times) Envisioning a health department within Shambhala A group of Healthcare Professionals in the community have begun a dialogue over the past year about envisioning what a Shambhala Health Department would look like.  If we had the opportunity to develop our own health care system, what would we do?  If we … Continue 

Rising to the Occasion: Taking the Dharma into Social Action

by Michaela McCormick Seventeen of us gathered on March 4 at our Shambhala Center to feel and express our broken-heartedness at the violence, injustice, and environmental degradation that recent political events are now refueling. We spent almost three hours voicing our longing to use what we know about compassion, interdependence, and curiosity to stand up … Continue 

Book Sales Now through March

Your purchases of items in the Shambhala Center bookstore help support our Center. The bookstore lives in the center community room. Not to be confused with the Lending Library, which is in the back room off of the shrine room.   The Shambhala Day bookstore sale continues through Milarepa Day, March 11. We are offering … Continue